Welcome to the Your Next Place
Real Estate Loyalty Program!

With this membership, you can earn points through certain tasks and use those points to enter a chance to win our monthly member prize and our annual grand prize.

Why earn points?

Because, it’s easy! We have simple things for you to complete that earn you points.

How do I earn points?

Earning points can vary from completing a monthly task, taking an online course and referring a friend.

Where can I earn points?

Your member dashboard gives you access to several ways for earning points. If you think we missed point for one of your tasks or achievements, let us know!

Below are all the ways to earn points as a Your Next Place Blue Card Club Member. Your points are redeemable and may be used for raffle and prize drawings.

Member Points

  • Becoming a member = 500 points
  • Login = 25 points for 5 logins a month
  • Follow us on social = 25 points per site
  • Leave us a review = 25 points per review
  • Refer a friend = 50 points
  • Refer a friend and they buy/sell a home = 450 points
  • Track monthly home utilities = 10 points per month
  • Track home projects = 25 points per project
  • Complete course on our Learning Center = 50 points

Redeem Your Points

  • Grand Prize = 500 points per entry
  • Monthly Giveaway = 50 points


Unlock badges by completing certain tasks through the Membership Dashboard.
Visit your Member Dashboard to learn more about how to unlock your badges.